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Support for Skype 0800-680-0619

Skype was founded in 2003 and since then has been used by millions of users on their PCs, phones and tablets for instant messaging, VOIP calls, video calls and screen sharing sessions.with unparalleled network technology and easy to use features; Skype has been a popular application among the users in day to day life. Skype offers services to individuals as well as business users with their subscription plans and pay as you go features offering texts, voice calls and video calling features along with local phone numbers in many countries across the world.Skype support toll free number.Skype offers VOIP network for voice calls with quick connectivity and clarity that has helped Skype to gain popularity among its user base. Group chat and video call feature is very popular among the business users for conference calls and discussions. Skype now part of Microsoft has gained entry to most of the businesses and professionals for their daily conversations and long distance calls, thus making it easy to connect and at low costs. With its calling packages one can make calls to regular phones and mobile number to any part of the world.Microsoft, the pioneer of computers has taken over Skype and investing huge money and technology to make Skype better for its users adding personalized features to the application.

Skype users mostly face issues as outlined below

  • Not able to sign-in, Skype sign in issues – using Microsoft account or Skype name
  • Unable to add contacts – Skype contacts issues
  • Unable to make calls – Skype call issues
  • Installation issues – Unable to install Skype, installation errors on different devices
  • Video Calls – Unable to make video calls or connection issues
  • Updates – Not able to update Skype
  • Install Add-ins – Skype add ins, third party application installation issues
  • Skype account issues, blocked account, lost password, forgot password, reset password
  • Chat Issues – Skype chats not delivering, file sharing issues, not able to open files
  • Device based issues – Skype not working on Android, Apple
  • Contacting Skype – Not able to find phone numbers to contact Skype
  • Downloading issues – not able to download Skype

Sky Support

Call us at 0800-680-0619and get all your issues resolved online!! We provide support for all kinds of printers. No need to go to a physical store for software and driver related issues. We offer our service 24*7 online and that too without an IVR!! Your calls are answered by an actual executive willing to work with you in resolving the issue rather than an automated voice

-Published: 08/23/2016


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